UV for aquaculture

ULTRAAQUA UV systems continuously disinfect more than 100,000 m³/h of water in aquaculture systems. Millions of salmon, sturgeons, eels, turbot, sea bass etc. are produced in aquaculture systems worldwide. Here ULTRAAQUA UV systems have been chosen to increase security from infection diseases thereby protecting millions of invested dollars. Diseases such as Infectious Salmon Anaemia (ISA) are prevented in Chile through the use of ULTRAAQUA UV systems. This have given the respected fish farms security and reassurance that the fish is not infected. The UV systems are also easy to maintain, the lamp lifetime is 16.000 hours guarantied and they do not take up time in the daily routines. This is why our UV systems are highly recommended and used in several hundreds of aquaculture systems world wide.

Properly designed and sized UV systems will effectively ensure:

  • Protection against pathogenic microorganisms.
  • Higher survival rate – Especially for hatchery.
  • Increased growth rates and food conversion ratios due to reduced stress from all microorganisms.
  • Increased stocking densities.
  • Less medication, which saves money and improves the environment.

AWT-Asia offers unmatched value for money and competitive prices via:

  • Stable production forecasts, better planning and projection.
  • Reduced financial and insurance costs.
  • A unique organization with direct sales from factory to your agent.
  • A “keep it simple – make it work” design philosophy i.e. no unnecessary features or components.

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