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Our friends at ULTRAAQUA UV are proud to be part of Copenhagen Zoo’s latest project for the new panda house. In fact, around 90% water treatment solutions in Copenhagen Zoo are supplied by ULTRAAQUA UV and work around the clock to secure water that’s free of bacteria and germs.

The new panda house designed by Bjarke Ingels BIG Architect Group.

ULTRAAQUA’s MR1-350 PP: non-corrosive and ideal for pandas

A water source will be running through the panda habitat. Besides serving as a playful attraction it also provides the bears with their drinking water. This means the water needs to be completely germs and bacteria free to avoid sickness.

After a thorough analysis of the system requirements, the most suitable solution turned out to be a one-lamp & non-corrosive MR1-350 PP system made out of PP. The system will be able to treat 55 m3/h with just one ULTRATHERMâ„¢ 350 lifelong XCL low-pressure UV lamp.

MR1-350 PP: non-corrosive and ideal for pandas

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