Another aquaculture success story – Aquaco Farms in Florida

MR8-350PP & MR6-350PP UV systems from ULTRAAQUA are traveling to USA

“Aquaco Farms is designed to be one of the largest saltwater grow-out facilities in Florida and will provide a sustainable, highly sought after commodity in the seafood industry. An industry where consumers are demanding a change in the way seafood is sourced and purchased today.” – Aquaco Farms Executive Summary.

Eliminating the risk of infectious water-borne diseases is key to protecting your aquaculture investments. UV-based systems are an excellent firewall barrier against diseases.

ULTRAAQUA have a long and proven track record serving the aquaculture sector. In particular, ULTRAAQUA’s UV system series ULTRABARRIER™ is engineered specifically for intake water in the aquaculture sector and provides excellent protection even in conditions with poor water quality.

The UV systems in the picture above are for RAS system and will be able to disinfect a total flow of 230 m3/h.

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