Optimized UV water treatment systems for wastewater with low UV transmittance (UVT)

Eliminating dark areas without compromising energy efficiency

Low UV Transmittance (UVT) is the biggest challenge when using UV systems to treat wastewater or fluids containing more particles. Eliminating dark areas ensures optimal & safe disinfection but requires optimization of regular systems. That is exactly how ULTRAAQUA’s UV R&D team developed the LUVT series.

The LUVT series is also available in polypropylene

The LUVT series is ideal for low UVT wastewater

By significantly reducing the reactor diameter, ULTRAAQUA’s UV experts have successfully achieved eliminating dark areas without adding additional costs to the energy consumption. This is mainly due to the UV lamps being closer together as well as to the reactor walls.

The LUVT series is designed especially for low UVT wastewater

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