ULTRAAQUA’s UV systems chosen for municipal wastewater treatment project in Thailand

Why ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection Systems?

ULTRAAQUA’s advanced UV systems were recently chosen for a municipal wastewater treatment project in Thailand owing to a unique combination of TRUST and SECURITY. The highly professional people behind ULTRAAQUA continuously seek to build and sustain the relationships with customers by providing them with the latest UV technology systems and attentive customer service by trained industry professionals.

Trust, security, and the latest UV technology

World leading value proposition

Over 20 years of R&D experience has resulted in a world leading value proposition:

  •  Innovative and robust UV systems for municipal and industrial water industries.
  •  Ultimate prevention of contaminants.
  •  Long-term cost-saving with market-leading lamp lifetime.
  •  Effortless installation and maintenance.
  •  Green technology: no chemicals = no environmental impact.
  •  Reduced power consumption = cost savings.

Government driven demand for environmentally friendly solutions

Hat Yai city is a business hub in the Songhkla region, which is considered the largest metropolitan area in South of Thailand. As Songhkla is undergoing several development projects, the government has expressed interest in environmentally responsible solutions, to improve living quality not only for themselves but for future generations.

UV treatment of municipal wastewater is an environmentally responsible solution

UV-based wastewater treatment project in Songhkla

In collaboration with a local partner, ULTRAAQUA UV enjoyed taking part in the Estate Authority of Thailand’s (EAT) municipal project with a focus on wastewater UV disinfection. With large population numbers and gradually improving conditions (due to increasing income), the municipal wastewater requires treatment to prevent dangerous contaminants reaching the aquatic life and eventually locals. 
Two 220SS Open Channel series inclined UV systems were chosen due to their optimized design for channels with low water level and market-leading power ratio.

Customer service is key

In collaboration with ULTRAAQUA we ensure that each system serves its purpose with the highest efficiency possible. We offer unrivaled customer service as well as assistance and training throughout the installation process.

Unrivaled customer service

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