ULTRABARRIER™ UV systems withstand the most aggressive and saline environments

Advanced and robust UV systems from ULTRAAQUA

Depending on the source of intake water the environment can be very corrosive due to saline or air humidity. This can be a challenging setting for commonly used materials in UV reactors and control cabinets.With 25 years of experience with seawater disinfection in warm and cold water environments, we have extensive knowledge in this field.
Our partner, ULTRAAQUA has developed the UV stabilized polypropylene (PP) that is resistant material for warm seawater applications due to its non-corrosive construction. For the cold seawater and freshwater applications, ULTRABARRIER™ UV Systems are made of inside and outside electropolished SS316L inside out. On the outside that results in increased corrosion resistance and on the inside, it increases UV light performance due to internal reflection.
All the control cabinets are built from GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic) with passive or active cooling so that insides of the cabinets are protected from any external factors. 

Advanced and robust UV systems for any environment

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