UV system maintenance

Maintenance of your UV system is the key to keep them robust and efficient. Advanced Water Tech – Asia Pte. Ltd. would like to remind you about the importance of keeping your UV disinfection systems optimized.

The failure to do so will ultimately result in:

  • reduced water safety
  • wasted energy therefore expenses

Be good to your UV lamps

UV lamps are the core of UV water treatment systems. As they solarize – lose their intensity with time – , it compromises water disinfection quality. Our good friends and UV experts from ULTRAAQUA have developed ULTRATHERM™ UV LAMPS that can last up to 16 000 hours before the need of replacement. Systems are designed to alert you when it’s time to replace them.

….and don’t forget your Quartz Sleeves

The maintenance of Quartz Sleeves is important as running water carries iron, manganese, and other types of minerals that can build up over time causing fouling and reduced UV radiation. ULTRAAQUA’s ULTRATHERM™ Quartz Sleeves have an unlimited life span. Yet we recommend to change them after >25 000 hours or if the sleeve becomes scratched or fouled!

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