UV systems from ULTRAAQUA make headway in Nigerian aquaculture – sanitizing water for Atlantic shrimp farm

Securing shrimps and end-consumers

ULTRAAQUA UV systems have been tirelessly sanitizing water for an Atlantic shrimp farm in Nigeria. By disinfecting more than 3000 m3/h water, bio-security for both shrimps and end-consumers has been continuously ensured.


All systems in the aquaculture installation are made from polypropylene (PP) to provide long-term protection from the saline environment of the Atlantic Ocean. The ULTRATouch control cabinets made from GFRP guarantees protection for the electric components inside.

Unrivaled user friendliness, ease of maintenance, and energy efficiency

The experts at ULTRAAQUA UV take pride in designing systems where all the necessary information is just one or two pushes of a button away.
In addition, UV sensors ensure ultimate energy savings by dimming the lights whenever smaller UV doses are required. End users also have visible lamp indicators showing if any lamps are in need of immediate maintenance.

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