Monthly Archives: October 2018

Short reaction time is a key advantage of UV systems

Short reaction time is one of the main advantages of using UV technologies for disinfection of water. When the reaction time between the UV irradiation and the organism to be killed is very short no by-products are created. The water quality, both physical and chemical, remains identical before and after treatment using the UV technique. […]

Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are a major headache – UV systems can ease the pain

Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are a major headache and financial burden in the gas & oil sector. In the absence of oxygen, SRB reduce organic nutrients to sulfide (hydrogen sulfide – H2S) when oxidized with sulfate. H2S in turn accelerates corrosion of iron and steel (anaerobic corrosion), contaminates gas & stored oil, and precipitates ferrous sulfide […]

The World needs indoor urban farming to support global population growth

Indoor urban farming represents a much needed innovation to reduce the environmental footprint of growing food for an ever increasing global population. Studies have shown that indoor farming – due to a closed loop design – reduces water consumption by 95% compared to traditional field farming. At this high level of water utilization, maintaining pest […]