How to install UV light for water treatment?

UV light selection & system installation is typically done together with specialized suppliers

The selection of the correct UV capacity and system configuration is typically done together with a supplier specialized in this field. For smaller systems, closed reactor systems are normally used, where they are installed inline in a pump string. UV systems from UltraAqua can be delivered in different materials depending on the application. E.g. stainless steel units can be used freshwater for long lifetime or saltwater resistant material PP/PVC-C or corrosion aggressive environments. All depending on the client’s wishes and requirements.

For larger systems, we typically recommend channel installation units, which can cater to high flow rates. In these cases, the UV system can be built in modules. Traditionally, channel UVs have had entire UV modules submerged into water, which has caused problems with water penetrating into electrical circuits over time. The latest technology developed by suppliers like UltraAqua are now much more user friendly since electrical connections are no longer submerged into the water. It means that installations can simply be tilted so that maintenance can be done without the need for taking out an entire unit from the channel.

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