What are the pros and cons of UV water treatment when it comes to operation?

In this article we summarize the pros and cons of industrial UV water treatment with an emphasis on operation In countries where water supply is based on groundwater, the water is rarely polluted with microorganisms (bacteria, virus, etc.) and there’s usually no need for additional security measures at a utility level. Nevertheless, some utilities opt […]

What are the pros and cons of UV water treatment when it comes to installation and CAPEX costs?

In this article we summarize the pros and cons of UV water treatment in terms of installation and CAPEX An increasing number of water utilities choose to install UV systems as an additional security measure against microbiological contamination. The UV system will be in permanent operation but won’t have any effect on the water under […]

What are the pros and cons of UV water treatment when it comes to disinfection and water quality?

In this article we summarize the pros and cons of UV water treatment of drinking water. When it comes to treatment of drinking water, UV systems are considered an additional security to prevent microbiological contamination. Without the additional security from an UV system, a substantial amount of contaminated water may reach the end users before […]

How to maintain your UV system

Maintenance guides for UV systems from ULTRAAQUA Proper and diligent maintenance is key to ensuring long-term operational stability of your UV system. The key UV system components in need of maintenance are: UV lamps UV quartz sleeves UV lamp drivers UV sensors Maintenance of UV lamps UV lamps are the core of UV water treatment […]

How to install UV light for water treatment?

UV light selection & system installation is typically done together with specialized suppliers The selection of the correct UV capacity and system configuration is typically done together with a supplier specialized in this field. For smaller systems, closed reactor systems are normally used, where they are installed inline in a pump string. UV systems from […]

How does UV light kill virus and bacteria and clean water?

UV effectively inactivates microorganisms Disinfection with UV is a fast process that effectively inactivates microorganisms. When virus, bacteria and protozoa are exposed to UV, the DNA of the cells get altered so they will not be able to reproduce anymore and they will hence be harmless. The highest amount of energy from UV are emitted at […]

How to compute the right size of UV light for a water treatment system?

Getting the dimensions right of a UV system for water treatment requires expert know-how To determine the correct size for a UV treatment system one needs to know the flow-rate and the UV transmittance (UVT) in the water to be treated. When these are known, the UV size can be calculated based on experience and […]

What is the effect of UV light vs chlorine?

Chlorine based water treatment vs UV based water treatment Traditionally, water has been disinfected by using chlorine. It is a cheap method but caution must be taken when dealing with highly toxic chemicals during transport, storage and daily operation. In the water treatment industry a lot of people have the impression that disinfection with chlorination […]

Optimized UV water treatment systems for wastewater with low UV transmittance (UVT)

Eliminating dark areas without compromising energy efficiency Low UV Transmittance (UVT) is the biggest challenge when using UV systems to treat wastewater or fluids containing more particles. Eliminating dark areas ensures optimal & safe disinfection but requires optimization of regular systems. That is exactly how ULTRAAQUA’s UV R&D team developed the LUVT series. The LUVT […]

Animal life support systems for zoos, aquariums, and large public exhibits

Safeguard animal health – eliminate all bacteria and germs Our friends at ULTRAAQUA UV are proud to be part of Copenhagen Zoo’s latest project for the new panda house. In fact, around 90% water treatment solutions in Copenhagen Zoo are supplied by ULTRAAQUA UV and work around the clock to secure water that’s free of […]