How to maintain your UV system

Maintenance guides for UV systems from ULTRAAQUA

Proper and diligent maintenance is key to ensuring long-term operational stability of your UV system. The key UV system components in need of maintenance are:

  • UV lamps
  • UV quartz sleeves
  • UV lamp drivers
  • UV sensors

Maintenance of UV lamps

UV lamps are the core of UV water treatment systems. Unlike regular light bulbs, they do not stop working entirely but lose their intensity over time (solarization). Loss of intensity will compromise water disinfection efficiency and must be counteracted with a regular lamp replacement schedule. The ULTRATHERM™ UV lamps used in UV systems from ULTRAAQUA can last up to 16000 hours (about 2 years) before needing replacement. To ensure proper disinfection, ULTRAAQUA’s UV systems send out automated lamp replacement reminders.

UV lamps from ULTRAAQUA

Maintenance of quartz sleeves

Running water carries iron, manganese, and other types of minerals that can build up over time causing fouling of the quartz sleeves with resulting reduced UV radiation intensity. The recommendation for ULTRAAQUA’s ULTRATHERM™ Quartz Sleeves is to change them after approximately 25000 operating hours (approx. 4 years). If the quartz sleeve becomes significantly fouled or breaks a full replacement is an absolute must!

Additional parts include O-rings (to prevent water leakage) and wiper rings (part of ULTRAAQUA’s ULTRAWiper™ automated wiper system). It is recommended for both of these parts to be replaced together with a quartz sleeve.

For systems without the ULTRAWiper™ automated wiper system manual cleaning should be performed annually using the original service kit provided upon purchase.

ULTRAAQUA’s ULTRAWiper™ automated wiper system

Maintenance of UV lamp drivers

Although lamp drivers are not strictly part of regular maintenance we still encourage you to contact your UV supplier’s service team if you suspect there’s an issue with your lamp drivers. Lamp drivers can be affected by too low/high heat and voltage limits.

UV lamp driver

Maintenance of UV sensors

As UV sensors are extremely important for smooth UV system operations they should be checked annually and re-calibrated bi-annually. Re-calibration of ULTRAAQUA’s UV sensors usually takes place at their global headquarters. Sensor replacement should be considered every 4-6 years.

UV sensor

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