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Animal life support systems for zoos, aquariums, and large public exhibits

Safeguard animal health – eliminate all bacteria and germs Our friends at ULTRAAQUA UV are proud to be part of Copenhagen Zoo’s latest project for the new panda house. In fact, around 90% water treatment solutions in Copenhagen Zoo are supplied by ULTRAAQUA UV and work around the clock to secure water that’s free of […]

ULTRAAQUA’s UV systems chosen for municipal wastewater treatment project in Thailand

Why ULTRAAQUA UV Disinfection Systems? ULTRAAQUA’s advanced UV systems were recently chosen for a municipal wastewater treatment project in Thailand owing to a unique combination of TRUST and SECURITY. The highly professional people behind ULTRAAQUA continuously seek to build and sustain the relationships with customers by providing them with the latest UV technology systems and attentive […]

ULTRAtouch™ controller keeps you in control at all times

ULTRAtouch™ controllers are durable and easy to operate The design is based on feedback from numerous customers over time and reflects our “what you need to know when you need to know it” philosophy. Behind the ULTRAtouch™ multi-color touchscreen, an advanced PLC control system is constantly monitoring and adjusting the electrical parameters of each individual […]

ULTRABARRIER™ UV systems withstand the most aggressive and saline environments

Advanced and robust UV systems from ULTRAAQUA Depending on the source of intake water the environment can be very corrosive due to saline or air humidity. This can be a challenging setting for commonly used materials in UV reactors and control cabinets.With 25 years of experience with seawater disinfection in warm and cold water environments, […]

ULTRAWiper™ reduces downtime and eliminates chemical-based CIP

Automatic wiper system for quartz sleeves ULTRAWiper™ is an advanced and robust automatic wiper system that is effective even against the most tenacious scaling without the need for CIP (Clean-in-place) chemical cleaning. This leads to the elimination of handling hazardous chemicals, additional expenses, downtime, and operation costs while keeping the system up and running.

UV technology verified by both the Norwegian Veterinary Institute and the EU Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

ULTRAAQUA ULTRABARRIER™ UV series – technology you can trust! ULTRAAQUA’s ULTRABARRIER™ UV series for aquaculture applications is approved by the Norwegian Veterinary Institute – biomedical research institute and the national leading center of expertise in biosecurity of fish and land animals. The technology itself if verified for water treatment by the ETV (EU Environmental Technology […]

Ensure optimal aquaculture bio-security through ULTRAAQUA’s advanced UV-based water intake system

Firewall against water-borne diseases Eliminating the risk of infectious water-borne diseases is key to protecting your aquaculture investments. UV-based water intake systems are an excellent firewall barrier against diseases. In particular, ULTRAAQUA’s UV system series ULTRABARRIER™ is engineered specifically for intake water in the aquaculture sector and provides excellent protection even in conditions with poor water […]