Ensure optimal aquaculture bio-security through ULTRAAQUA’s advanced UV-based water intake system

Firewall against water-borne diseases

Eliminating the risk of infectious water-borne diseases is key to protecting your aquaculture investments. UV-based water intake systems are an excellent firewall barrier against diseases.

In particular, ULTRAAQUA’s UV system series ULTRABARRIER™ is engineered specifically for intake water in the aquaculture sector and provides excellent protection even in conditions with poor water quality.

ULTRAAQUA’s ULTRABARRIER UV system for aquaculture

Poor water conditions are common in aquaculture and require advanced UV systems

The UVT (UV transmittance) varies significantly depending on whether the water source is seawater, brackish water or fresh water. For example, surface water in many places in Scotland and Norway are colored by humic substances (brown color). Here, UVT values below 60% are not unusual for the intake water. This creates “dark areas” and can prevent efficient UV disinfection. ULTRAAQUA’s ULTRABARRIER™ design features reduced lamp distance, which effectively eliminates “dark areas” under low UVT conditions and successfully achieves UV-based disinfection even in poor water qualities.

Optimal aquaculture bio-security even under poor low UVT conditions

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